Saturday, October 22, 2005

An eventful week

Clearly I'm not the most diligent blogger around, but this week's events need to be recorded. Elizabeth is getting bigger all the time, and has been occasionally using a forward-facing car-seat for three weeks now. Last weekend, she finally came close to crawling forwards - she did, in fact, but didn't seem to realise she was doing it, so can't yet produce it to order. Last weekend too, she twice hauled herself up into a standing position (though I did give her a leg to climb up).

During the week, Thursday I think, Helen discovered that Elizabeth finally, incontrovertibly, has two teeth, after two false alarms (one at only three months).

Today came the real highlight of the week. We were at a craft fair in the SECC. I had Elizabeth in the BabyBjörn, from which it's not easy for her to see me, but she did. She twisted sideways and arched her neck back to look up at me. She reached up at my face with her right hand. And then she said, "Daddy." Of course, it's possible it was just a random noise, but it was so distinct, so consistent with her actions that it's hard to believe it wasn't intentional. And yes, Helen heard it too.

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