Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Words of wisdom

Elizabeth's been speaking for some time now, but up until recently it's just been one or two words at a time. Last week, when I asked her (not for the first time) to come upstairs with me, she said, indignantly, "No, Daddy! I told you that!" But even that was mostly just parroting a phrase she'd heard. Today she went one better. I went to collect her from nursery. As we were leaving, she pointed out a couple of things on the shelf above the coat-hooks: "Clara's baby", "Alistair's hat". Then one of the staff said "See you later!" And Elizabeth replied, "Elizabeth* later you!" Now that's not something she's overheard somebody else saying; she constructed that sentence herself. It's the most obvious case I've heard since her cousin Lisa used to refer to "me's Mummy" when she was about the same age.

*Well okay, it's more like "Dabidabeth".

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